Return & Refund Policy 
We provide our customers with a 30 Day Return Policy. Here is how it works: 


You have 30 days to return the merchandise to us, for whatever reason. 

The 30 days starts the day that your merchandise is shipped.

Refunds are issued for the following reasons and must meet the criteria specified:

·    Merchandise received was defective.

·    The items received were not ordered.

·    Merchandise must be returned to The Life Center Church 

·    Only merchandise ordered from will be refunded.


We charge a 15% restocking fee for unopened merchandise except for the following:

·    The merchandise was defective. 

·    You received merchandise other than what was ordered.


How to return your merchandise

You will need to send our customer service department an e-mail ( requesting a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. This is will do two things:

The RGA number will allow us to match your return with your original order, and by requesting a RGA, you are stating that you have read, and agree to our Return & Refund Policy.

Along with the RGA, you will also be given a shipping address. This address may be different from the address your merchandise was originally shipped. Please double check before you ship and only return merchandise to the address that we specify. We can only process claims for returned merchandise that we receive at the correct location.